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The exquisite island of Samos lies in the Eastern Aegean, very close to the coast of Turkey
The island of Samos is beautiful and green, filled with wonderful beaches, picturesque villages, and lovely harbors.

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Located 1.5 km from the Turkish coast, Samos, birthplace of Pythagoras, Epicurus, Aristarchus (father of the heliocentric theory) and perhaps eventually even the fables, pulls the current visitor due to the beauty of the beaches and forests, and monuments from the past those years.

The capital is Samos (Vathi Municipality) to other major cities Karlovasi Pythagoreio in Marathokampos and Kokkari and Samos belong to the Prefecture and the islands of Ikaria, Ovens and Thymaina.

The landscapes of the island, its climate, and the archaeological interests to be found here have turned Samos into a very popular resort, which gathers many tourists from around the world. Today Samos boasts a rich network of facilities and services for foreign visitors.

Apart from its natural beauty, lovely beaches, and the lush vegetation of its mountains, which are of enormous interest to collectors of aromatic medicinal herbs, the visitor can explore its archaeological sites, the Heraion and the Tunnel of Eupalinos, its museums - the Archeological and Byzantine in Samos town, the Library and Historical Archives, and the Palaeontological Museum with its fascinating finds

And do not forget that Samos, with 1,100 known species of plants, including aromatic and medicinal herbs with a prehistory of thousands of years, has apart from its exceedingly tall plane trees, a large number of wild orchids (about 50).
Furthermore, each village with its church, school, houses clustered around the main square, gardens, vineyards and small olive groves, as well as the chapels scattered among its prettiest spots, makes a delightful picture, a magnet to every visitor who travels to Samos.

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