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Tinos is known as the island of Our Lady, it is the greatest centre of pilgrimage in Greece.
For that reason most of the visitors do not prolong their stay, and thus see little of the beauty of the island: the blindingly-white traditional villages have unadulterated Cycladic architecture and the famous dove-cotes which are constructed with great skill and imagination and are found almost exclusively in Tinos.

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A line of mountains, whose highest peak is Mt Tsiknias (in the myths, the home of the wind-god Aeolus), runs the length of the island. On its lower slopes, walls like the fortifications of old castles divide the terraced fields. The coast of the island is mostly steep, but there are also numerous coves with sandy or pebbly beaches. Among the special characteristics of Tinos are its dovecotes. These structures developed from simple roosts for pigeons into works of art - and the stone-built fountains to be seen in the villages evolved in a similar manner.

Tinos has superb beaches with white sand, crystal-clear water and cool breezes in the summer. The island has long spells of sunlight in the summer, which helps to make Tinos one of the most interesting places in the Cyclades. A wonderful road connects most of the villages of the island. In Tinos one can see fine exhibits of local architecture.
Tinos town, the capital of the island and its port, is where most of the population lives. A broad paved street leads from the harbour to the low hill on which stands the magnificent church of Our Lady.

There is a number of lovely beaches, too, notably at Agios Fokas near the town, Kionia, Porto, Panormos bay, Kolimbithra, Agios Sostis and Pahia Amos.
The lunar landscape at the spot known as 'Volax', with its peculiar boulders, is probably unique anywhere in the world. The beauties of Tinos are gradually making a name for themselves. Although amenities for tourists outside the town are scanty, they are constantly expanding.

A full tour of the island can include picturesque villages in the interior like Komi, Kalloni, Kardiani, Isternia and the insuperable Pyrgos (the largest and the most attractive village in Tinos), and a visit to the coast of the island in villages like Kionia, Kolymbithra and the pretty little harbour of Panormos.

Tinos island:
Tinos is one of the most popular islands of Greece.
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Places to visit

Porto, Volax, Panormos bay, Kolimbithra, Agios Sostis, Pahia Amos.