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Santorini vacation packages

Welcome to Santorini, the island of the famous volcano, the island's breathtaking views of the caldera, and the most beautiful sunsets on earth (!).

Santorini is considered to be one of the most cosmopolitan and at the same time picturesque islands of Greece.
The unique gift of natural beauty with which this land has been blessed, has rendered Santorini one of the most popular tourist islands, while the unrivaled entertainment that you shall relish if you visit Santorini will definitely be a remarkable experience.

Santorini Holidays - Greece

The island of Santorini was created by several geological changes and that took place thousands of years ago.
Full of natural beauties, the untamed island pulses with infinite, black coasts, deep blue waters, rugged sites and wild nature. Moreover, due to the volcanic nature of the island, the lava has given this multifarious landscape the enigmatic shades of brown, red, black and gray as well as the mysterious and beautiful sea bottom making it perfect diving location and honeymoon destination.

The modern name is a free takeover of the Frankish "Santa Irina", probably due to the Basilica of St. Irene, which was in those years in Perissa.

The island, which in ancient times was called Strogyli (Greek for "the circular"), but after the great volcanic eruption in 1613 BC ... only remained half-round, was first settled in the 9th century BC by Dorians (ancient Greek tribe) whose commander was Thiras. Hence the later name, Thira.
After the conquest of Constantinople by the famous robber that time (in Western Europe as a crusader known), came the Franks and later the Turks also to Santorini.

Today Santorini is one of those goals that you should have visited in his life.

If you're already so far, and are looking for a hotel, a little tip:
Fira is centrally located and provides ample choice of clubs, bars and other facilities for your nocturnal activities. The hotels here are slightly more expensive but the view is unique!
For swimming, you should prefer the beaches of Kamari or Perissa, where the hotels are getting something cheaper as a rule.
If you want to have a quieter and more romantic, then you should probably select Oia for your stay ...

Special features / suitable for: A holiday in Santorini is particularly popular with honeymooners.
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Santorini Beaches with Blue Flag - 2016:
Awarded this year to the following beaches of Santorini:
Perissa, Agios Georgios, Kamari 1 and Kamari 2

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Places to visit

Oia, Akrotiri, Fira, Perissa, Kamari